Hydroforming process-Zieta

ImageGot to know about hydro-forming method of shaping metal sheets!! It’s an interesting and a very common method followed by various designers to build elements in a very innovative ways. Largest application of hydroforming process is in automotive industries. But designers today are making use of this process to make beautiful, stronger, lighter and more rigid elements that can be used for lighting and more.

Hydroforming is a technology that uses hydraulic fluid taken to very high pressure as an essential tool in transforming sheet metal and tubes fitted to a specially designed die. The thrust exercised by the fluid allows the metal to adhere to the sides of the die and so take on the required shape.

Highlights of this process:

  • cost-effective, common process
  • Malleable metals such as aluminium or brass can be used.
  • Smoother finish
  • Stronger, lighter and rigid elements

The video below shows the process of hydroforming


Coming onto the use of this technology in designing industry, ZIETA Prozessdesign is one such designer firm that is making use of this process to make innovative products such as seatings, wall hangers, tables, various accessories and more.


The production techniques are the interesting part: cut with a CNC machine, welded together and then hydro formed. The result is really light structure



KAWS at the High Museum in Atlanta

brick and mortar

I was fortunate enough to be able to check out the Kaws exhibit at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta last weekend. To learn more about KAWS, feel free to take a read here.

His sitting companion greets you in the plaza upon arrival to the museum.


The exhibit spanned 3 rooms on the top floor of the museum as well as a large painting in the lobby area inside the entrance.



I just really enjoy the vibrant colors that were throughout each of his paintings.







He then had a life sized take of his michelin man figure in reflective black.



They then had a smaller room with many of his famous prints in there as well as some of his limited vinyl figures.


Kate Moss.

Best. Drink. Ever.




Kaws x Kate Moss Topless

Wall of sketches that appeared on graphic tees on his clothing line, Original Fake.



My man, Mr…

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Kronleuchter lamp – Hanging Chandelier Blossoms Like an Inverted Flower


You don’t often think of a large decorative chandelier as being a bona-fide gadget. But the hanging veins on Denise Hachinger’sKronleuchter—or crown light—raise and lower at your beckoning to focus the light or cast an ambient glow in the room.

The clear veins are illuminated with a thin light source along their edge, using the total internal refraction trick so the light appears diffused at all times. The design also allows the chandelier to focus most of its light downward when it’s closed, for drawing attention to a dining table for example. Or illuminating an entire room when the veins have been lifted open. Ironic since it’s usually the light that causes a flower to open, not the flower opening to reveal the light.


Graticule House

Situated on a hillside site, the Graticule House is conceived to be a trace, or reference datum, allowing a reading of the relationship between the building and nature. Fundamental to the conception of the house is the notion of cadence, where repetitious vertical and horizontal markers of the building’s tectonics are juxtaposed with the particularity of the forest and ground plane. Light and space are modulated by meshing ribbons of glass and wall planes that form a tessellation of solid and void.