ZHA aerial_Riverside Museum_pM_1

ZHA aerial_Riverside Museum_pM_2

ZHA aerial_Riverside Museum_pM_3

ZHA aerial_Riverside Museum_pM_4

ZHA aerial_Riverside Museum_pM_5

ZHA_Riverside Museum_pM

ZHA_Glasgow_01Helene Binet_pM

ZHA_Glasgow_05Helene Binet_pM

ZHA_Glasgow_07Helene Binet_pM

ZHA_Glasgow_08Helene Binet_pM

ZHA_Glasgow_09Helene Binet_pM

ZHA_Glasgow_12Helene Binet_pM

ZHA_Glasgow_13Helene Binet_pM

ZHA_Glasgow Riverside_Helene Binet_pM 1

ZHA_Glasgow Riverside_Helene Binet_pM 2

ZHA_Glasgow Riverside_Helene Binet_pM 4

ZAHA_Riverside Museum_pM_South_Night

ZAHA_Riverside Museum_pM_North Facade_001

ZAHA_Riverside Museum_pM_Site Plan

ZAHA_Riverside Museum_pM_Ground Floor plan

ZAHA_Riverside Museum_pM_First Floor plan

ZAHA_Riverside Museum_pM_Elevations

ZAHA_Riverside Museum_pM_Sections

The historical development of the Clyde and the city is a unique legacy; with the site situated where the Kelvin flows into the Clyde the building can flow from the city to the river. In doing so it can symbolise a dynamic relationship where the museum is the voice of both, linking the two sides and allowing the museum to be the transition from one to the other. By doing so the museum places itself in the very context of its origin and encourages connectivity between its exhibits and their wider context.

The building would be a tunnel-like shed, which is open at opposite ends to the city and the Clyde. In doing so it becomes porous to its context on either side. However, the connection from one to the other is where the building diverts to create a journey away from the external context into the world of theā€¦

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