Hydroforming process-Zieta

ImageGot to know about hydro-forming method of shaping metal sheets!! It’s an interesting and a very common method followed by various designers to build elements in a very innovative ways. Largest application of hydroforming process is in automotive industries. But designers today are making use of this process to make beautiful, stronger, lighter and more rigid elements that can be used for lighting and more.

Hydroforming is a technology that uses hydraulic fluid taken to very high pressure as an essential tool in transforming sheet metal and tubes fitted to a specially designed die. The thrust exercised by the fluid allows the metal to adhere to the sides of the die and so take on the required shape.

Highlights of this process:

  • cost-effective, common process
  • Malleable metals such as aluminium or brass can be used.
  • Smoother finish
  • Stronger, lighter and rigid elements

The video below shows the process of hydroforming


Coming onto the use of this technology in designing industry, ZIETA Prozessdesign is one such designer firm that is making use of this process to make innovative products such as seatings, wall hangers, tables, various accessories and more.


The production techniques are the interesting part: cut with a CNC machine, welded together and then hydro formed. The result is really light structure



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