Living in Style


Freshness, newness and a sense of excitement …are what festivals are all about. Indians are blessed with numerous reasons to celebrate all year around. Spending a huge amount of money and time doing up a dull corner of your living area or lobby space for such occasions, is usually the last thing in your mind. The tips provided in this post are easy to replicate practically overnight this festive season!

  • Place an interesting piece of furniture in the corner.
  • If the walls are brightly painted, make sure the sofa is upholstered in muted fabric. Otherwise, get a fitted slipcover stitched in an appropriate shade. Too many bright shades and busy patterns could turn a potentially sophisticated corner into a garish ensemble.
  • Don’t use too much color, even if you are creating a festive setting.
  • Add pendant or floor lampImage
  • Learn to control. Too much of a good thing isn’t good.
  • Combine textures. Steel is offset beautifully by the earthiness of wood.
  • Use a rug if required. Add blings in the form of little artifacts.
  • Use plants. Greens easily fill up dark pockets and add freshness to the layout.



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