Incredible India

India, a country which is generally seen as the country of gods, monuments, Ganges, and much more, has one more deeper side of emotions. I have tried to depict this side through this poster.

A small girl practising the traditional dance, a small boy covering the god statue with umbrella to protect it from rain, the deep eyes of sadhu baba, telling a different tale.

the leaf dia with flower for burning, autos that are widely used as local transport, bells, train and more.



Paint can seating

IMG_3434Going green is the new way to satisfy your needs, and now that the eco-friendly minds and products
get their much awaited attention, this is the perfect time to bring out an eco-friendly seating for
your use.

We have made an effort to help save the environment from harm while creating a creative seating
solution. We have created paint can seating, by making use of simple, easily available and eco-
friendly materials.

Have it in your space and you will surely get a punk, pop ambiance and feel relived at the same time,
as you are sure enough that you have helped save the earth.

Recycling is the best way to save on money. We have recycled old paint cans to develop a low
cost seating. For strength, proper frame has been provided using scrap iron rods. To finish up the
product, so that it goes with the interiors as well as outdoors of every house, we have provided
it with kitsch graphics all over. For cushioning, we have used packing material filled with hay
and covered with seat cover made out of scrap denims. Benefits of using hay are that it is easily
available, easy to replace and work with, and eco-friendly.

For centre table, we have used a scrap foundation part of machinery that we purchased from a scrap
seller. The FRP part was properly treated and finished with artwork and a glass top.